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RE: User defined action on timeout event?

From: Tom O'Brien
Subject: RE: User defined action on timeout event?
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 12:02:41 -0500

> > Is this covered by your proposed feature "Action list support and
> > optional service name target"
> > next.php#21?
> Not originally I think, but it is noted. We can't give an ETA
> on this feature though.

Good to hear it's under consideration. I need to send an SNMP alert on timeout; without a customized action for timeout, I've had to check monit status with a cronjob to see whether a timeout has occurred! Quite unpleasant.

> > We're currently running monit 4.5.1, and it's doing a great job!
> Glad to hear that, apropos, you do know the latest release is
> 4.7? It 
> is recommended.

We're looking at upgrading...


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