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Re: 2 copies started at once

From: Nick Upson
Subject: Re: 2 copies started at once
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 15:39:00 +0100

I've looked at the script, there is no way for it to start 2
copies unless it is called twice. It's a lightly edited copy of the
standard /etc/init.d startup script.

The only times I've noticed this happen is under the following
sequence of events:

system boot up, monit starts up, bs starts up once , all ok

I do "monit stop bs1", even checked via ps that it's gone, all ok

I do "monit start bs1", 2 copies start running as shown by ps, the pid
values are only different by 7.

could I be seeing a problem with monit starting to monitor bs1 again
(so start 1) AND start bs1 (start 2) because I told it to, or
something like that.

On 27/07/07, Jan-Henrik Haukeland <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 27. jul. 2007, at 14.22, Nick Upson wrote:
> > I use
> >
> > set daemon 120
> >
> > I wondered if it was related to using restart into the script, which,
> > standard behaviour, attempts to stop the pid and removes the pid file
> > anyway. I need this in case the process crashed as a simple "start"
> > stops if the pid file exists.
> > does monit distinguish between start and restart if the command?
> Monit just execute the command given in 'start program' and does not
> parse, read or investigate the command at all. So when you use
> restart and stop as arguments to /opt/unb/bin/ monit does not
> consider those arguments at all. It just does a exec("/opt/unb/bin/
> 1 restart"). You should get someone to look at the script /opt/
> unb/bin/ since the problem you have with two processes most
> certainly is a bug in the script.
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