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[monit] Monitoring Varnish on FreeBSD

From: james
Subject: [monit] Monitoring Varnish on FreeBSD
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 14:22:38 -0500
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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to monitor varnish on a few freebsd machines, but the results I'm getting really don't make much sense. From the snippet below, monit says its taking up 7590.4% of memory and 595% of the cpu. Varnish is a multi threaded program, so I'm wondering if that maybe a cause of such odd numbers.

Process 'varnish'
 status                            Resource limit matched
 monitoring status                 monitored
 pid                               47746
 parent pid                        1
 uptime                            6h 15m
 childrens                         238
 memory kilobytes                  1304
 memory kilobytes total            238403048
 memory percent                    0.0%
 memory percent total              7590.4%
 cpu percent                       595.0%
 cpu percent total                 595.0%
port response time 0.002s to [HTTP via TCP] port response time 0.000s to [generic via TCP]
 data collected                    Sat Jan 12 14:07:04 2008

Any idea on how I can get monit to report saner numbers? This is the latest monit.

-- james

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