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[monit] Problem with monit starting one of my scripts

From: Stephen Adams
Subject: [monit] Problem with monit starting one of my scripts
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 11:31:13 +1200
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I'm trying to get an application called JIRA to be monitored by monit.

I've created a /etc/init.d/jira script and also created a /etc/monit.d/jira file which I've shown below

check process jira with pidfile /var/run/jira/
group tomcat
start program "/etc/init.d/jira-start"
#start program "/etc/init.d/jira start"
stop program "/etc/init.d/jira-stop"
#stop program "/etc/init.d/jira stop"
if failed host port 8085 protocol http
       and request "/jira/"
       then restart
if 5 restarts within 5 cycles then timeout

The problem I have is I can't get monit to successfully restart JIRA if I use the command "/etc/init.d/jira start"

but if I write a script called /etc/init.d/jira-start

/etc/init.d/jira start

and use that inside monit it works?!?

It's almost as if monit is truncating my start program directive when it hits the first space.

Does anyone have any ideas here?


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