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[monit] Start/Stop Program Calls in Monitrc

From: bggy
Subject: [monit] Start/Stop Program Calls in Monitrc
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 19:32:40 -0800 (PST)

Hi, I am switching to Monit from God because God leaks badly (haven't checked
out their new release which supposedly fixes much of the leaking). To test
out Monit I am setting it up on my dev machine (Mac OS X).

God can be configured with calls such as:

start = "starling -d -P #{RAILS_ROOT}/log/ -q #{RAILS_ROOT}/log/
-p 22122"
stop = "kill `cat #{RAILS_ROOT}/log/`"

With Monit, I'm configuring monitrc with the following to start starling:

with pidfile /full/app/directory/log/
start program = "/usr/local/bin/starling -d -P
/full/app/directory/log/ -q /full/app/directory/log/ -p 22122"

This works and starling starts up. But, the following call to stop starling
doesn't work:

stop program = "/bin/kill `/bin/cat /full/app/directory/log/`"

Is there a way to make system calls like the above in the monitrc file?

I am also unable to start workling with the following:

start program = "/full/app/directory/script/workling_client start"
stop program = "/full/app/directory/script/workling_client stop"

My configuration to start ultrasphinx also does not work:

start program = "/usr/bin/cd /full/app/directory/ && /usr/local/bin/rake
stop program = "/usr/bin/cd /full/app/directory/ && /usr/local/bin/rake

Is there a way to make system calls like these in monitrc?

Thank you,

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