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Re: monit didn't start services at boot

From: Pablo Iranzo Gómez
Subject: Re: monit didn't start services at boot
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 06:59:38 -0500 (EST)


----- Mensaje original -----
> De: "Alessandro Ranellucci" <address@hidden>
> Para: address@hidden
> Enviados: Miércoles, 17 de Noviembre 2010 12:55:55
> Asunto: monit didn't start services at boot
> Hi all,
> my server was rebooted and monit didn't start all services at
> boot. Infact, the pidfile for some of my services contained PIDs
> that after the reboot were used by other processes. For example,
> one was used by the cron daemon... This is why monit detected
> the process as running and didn't start it.
> How can I ensure that monit starts my daemons at boot without
> trusting old pidfiles left by daemons before reboot?

I had that problem after a hard reset, and what I do is to issue a monit 
monitor all with an RC script at S99


Pablo Iranzo Gómez (address@hidden)
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