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Re: File contains with specific word

From: Jostein Berntsen
Subject: Re: File contains with specific word
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 14:32:21 +0200
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On 29.06.11,07:15, AJames wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying the execute the following example to check  whenever the log
> file will update with any error message i have to alert. I added the
> following line in my monitrc file.
> check file test.txt  with path /home/sample/test.txt
>            if match
>                 "error" then alert
> Let me know if am wrong any where.

I was just about to post a mail regarding the same issue when I saw this. I have
the exactly same problem:

# File check test
check file word with path /home/jostein/word.txt
 if match "Peter.*" then

This is the message on the monit web report:

Match regex     no
Associated regex        If If match "Peter.*" 1 times within 1 cycle(s) then 
Is there any way to resolve this? Other alerts for file directory size and RAM
use and more is working as expected. 

This is Monit version 5.2.5
Copyright (C) 2000-2011 Tildeslash Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


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