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[Monotone-devel] monotone and stack protection

From: Peter Simons
Subject: [Monotone-devel] monotone and stack protection
Date: 28 Nov 2003 22:06:10 +0100


I have trouble running monotone, because the compiled binary
seems to do nasty things with the stack. I can create a
database, but when I try to generate a key, GCC's
stack-protector will kill the process. I compiled a binary
with stack protection disabled, but still it fails at the
same point:

    monotone: generating key-pair 'address@hidden'

    *** Error: signal: memory access violation

    **** error return code 225
    **********  errors detected; see standard output for details  ***********
    options path is MT/options
    skipping nonexistent rcfile '/home/simons/.monotonerc'
    executing genkey command
    db.fetch("SELECT id FROM public_keys WHERE id = 'address@hidden'")
    db.fetch("SELECT id FROM private_keys WHERE id = 'address@hidden'")
    generating key-pair 'address@hidden'

I see no other failure message in syslog or elsewhere.

Can someone advice me what to do?


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