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[Monotone-devel] CVS-like aliases in monotone?

From: Roland Dreier
Subject: [Monotone-devel] CVS-like aliases in monotone?
Date: 07 Jan 2004 16:06:49 -0800
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Hi, I've been looking at monotone, and I'm very interested in trying
it out.  However, it does seem to be missing one feature that is
pretty important for my usage -- something like CVS aliases (or
subversion externals).

I didn't see anything like this in the documentation, but is it
possible to set things up so that when someone checks out directory
foo/, they get directories bar1/ bar2/ etc.?  I would do this in CVS
by adding

    foo -a bar1 bar2

to my CVSROOT/modules file, and I can get a similar effect with
svn:externals for subversion.

Roland Dreier  <address@hidden>  GPG Key: 1024D/E0EEFAC0
Fingerprint:     A89F B5E9 C185 F34D BD50  4009 37E2 25CC E0EE FAC0

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