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RE: [Monotone-devel] RE: Support for binary files, scalability andWindow

From: Asger Kunuk Ottar Alstrup
Subject: RE: [Monotone-devel] RE: Support for binary files, scalability andWindows port
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 10:14:28 +0100

> You could probably set up a few 'server' machines that would host the
> database (lets say one in each country) and have the others work on it
> through smb shares... That would require concurent access to the
> sqlite database. Or if that does not work the FAQ states "[using an
> embedded SQLl database] leaves the door open to retargeting monotone
> to a larger RDBMS without much effort, if it's attractive to do so
> someday in the future." 

Yes, that is of course perceivable, but that would defeat the advantage
of a truly distributed system, where a user does not have to be online
to work. I'd prefer another approach. Maybe we will set up separate
databases for different purposes - we can divide the work into sealed

> I don't have VS.NET (yet). I think we should have it here in school
> but I haven't had the time to contact the right people (as they are
> skiing now anyway :-)). I tried only vs6.0sp5.

OK. I tried with VS.NET, but did not have time to complete it. It seems
there are a couple of places where the code uses some non-standard C++
features not supported by VS.NET. Also, it uses a bunch of Unix-only

But AFAIK it's nothing that can not be handled with a few days of work -
it should also be possible to use VS6.

Best regards,

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