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[Monotone-devel] Some little statements

From: Florian Becker
Subject: [Monotone-devel] Some little statements
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 09:46:35 +0200
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Hi List,
Hir Graydon,

i think i have read a mail about, is monotone ready for productive use.

I'll comment that short. I think monotone is more useable than most version 
control system. The biggest think with monotone, that you have to work strict 
and think a little time about, what you are doing. but after that step you 
can done most work with monotone really nice.

Next is, i have a 0.12 version database structure and now serve the tree with 
mt 0.14. must i do a update, or something else. because i have some funny 
output, that i coundn't commit to database in some special ways.

My funny output:
address@hidden ~/YDB/yplus-dev $ monotone commit 'some text'
monotone: committing e11e91398be3211ba279b5158136d3dcba40aab1
monotone: committing to branch org.yplus
monotone: discarding debug log
monotone: fatal: std::logic_error: invariant 'I(tid == 
ident)' violated

That wasn't really hard to fix that, to hold on working. but i thought, that 
might be interesting. i have commited in some steps and that seems to work. 
maybe i can handle that a better way next time?

so far.
nice work with 0.14. 

Florian Becker

PlaaSoft Technologies
Falkenstr. 4
D - 92245 K├╝mmersbruck
Tel: 09621 782970
Mobil: 0170 7280640

Y+ Window System
Y Desktop Environment
address@hidden #yplus

Linux User Group Amberg

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