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[Monotone-devel] SQLite3 branch dusted off

From: Christof Petig
Subject: [Monotone-devel] SQLite3 branch dusted off
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 15:17:41 +0100
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Hi Graydon,

since you put the SQLite3 port into the first line of the roadmap, I dusted off the sqlite3 branch ('propagated' it to your last release), separated it from the ssh branch and threw a fresh CVS copy of SQLite in. I would say that it's ready for inclusion.

Some remarks
- I may have a strange indentation style (inherited from my first C book 17 years ago), simply run astyle according to your taste - The port was as unintrusive as possible (no parameters, simply provide a printf like variant for queries again (removed in SQLite3 because of the much faster parameter API)) - There was no SQLite release since I started using the CVS snapshot, so there are two possible roads: stay with my CVS snapshot unless some bugs arise (it looks like SQLite stabilizes for a release again) or downgrade to the latest release. I don't know of any errors in the CVS version and since monotone does not use the newly added features (autovacuum and cursors) I would take CVS simply because it contains more fixes for known bugs (the last release is 8 Weeks old) [and since I already imported it] - There's a minor chance that patch and wiggle played tricks on me and has some merge artifacts left. Please take an eye, too.


PS: My head is at ba3f2f3c077ad8413c7f6fca4f4dab048812b325.

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