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Re: [Monotone-devel] Concern about LUA & suggestions for command line ou

From: Henrik Holmboe
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] Concern about LUA & suggestions for command line output
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 00:12:27 +0100
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Joel Crisp <address@hidden> writes:
>Saw a message a few back about writing output formatters in LUA - the
>place I'm currently working at is balking at Clearcase triggers in
>perl since they can't get anyone with perl experience (!), and I've
>never personally even met _anyone_ with LUA experience.

Have SWIG[1] been evaluated? A short description from its webpage:

"SWIG is a software development tool that connects programs written in
 C and C++ with a variety of high-level programming languages. SWIG is
 used with different types of languages including common scripting
 languages such as Perl, Python, Tcl/Tk and Ruby."

There are drawbacks (such as it doesnt make the bindings very
Python-like for that language etc), but there are definitly many
benefits too.


1. <>

Henrik Holmboe, Stockholm, Sweden

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