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Re: [Monotone-devel] Invariant Failure while Merging

From: mstone
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] Invariant Failure while Merging
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 11:07:13 -0500 (EST)
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> I hope it's working out well for you, aside from this bug you've run
> into!  Perhaps you'd be interested in answering the users survey we
> recently posted, in case you haven't seen it yet?

Aside from this minor issue monotone has been working out beautifully.

> I haven't seen this particular error before, so it looks like a new
> bug.  Would it be possible to make available your database (if the
> information in it isn't proprietary or the like), or failing that, the
> output of running the same command again, passing the --debug switch
> on the command line?  That would be very helpful in tracking down what
> exactly is going wrong.

We are perhaps fortunate that there are no IP concerns for us to worry
about.  A copy of our database is available at and at
over netsync.  The branch name is "edu.swarthmore.engin.shadowfax.s05".

The database was created with monotone-0.16.  We were also having a
problem with new heads being created on every commit that was solved by
moving to the most recent (as of a when I sent my first email) development
branch.  Both monotone-0.16 and monotone 0.16 (base revision:
4426f5bbc4a9e37cbf8756b456c091706ece519b) experience the problem that I
describe above.

The database is in sqlite 2 format since it is the original. If you'd like
the sqlite 3 version instead, I can provide it as well.

The log output with debugging is at

Thanks again,

P.S. - I'd be happy to fill out your survey as soon as I find the time!

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