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[Monotone-devel] bug report ver 0.16, on windows

From: dalcolmo
Subject: [Monotone-devel] bug report ver 0.16, on windows
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 18:29:51 +0100 (W. Europe Standard Time)

Note: This is running on Win2000, in cygwin bash, with:
HOME = d:/dalcolmo
USERPROFILE = d:/dalcolmo

It seems monotone expands the ~ wrongly to "C:/Documents and Settings/dalcolmo".
I got the following when trying to init a database (in cygwin bash):

$ monotone --db=~/monotone/exomars db init
monotone: discarding debug log
monotone: fatal: std::runtime_error: could not open database: C:/Documents and S
ettings/dalcolmo/monotone/exomars: unable to open database: C:/Documents and Set
monotone: this is almost certainly a bug in monotone.
monotone: please send this error message, the output of 'monotone --full-version

$ monotone --full-version
monotone 0.16 (base revision: ce860bae312c4bb8483d5b3b2a8cd3bebe2323d5)
Changes since base revision:

new_manifest [be13aa95d6e3aeb17e1db41550d9baaf03fcf229]

old_revision [ce860bae312c4bb8483d5b3b2a8cd3bebe2323d5]
old_manifest [be13aa95d6e3aeb17e1db41550d9baaf03fcf229]

- Josef

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