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[Monotone-devel] Sanity check failures on current head

From: Jon Bright
Subject: [Monotone-devel] Sanity check failures on current head
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 19:33:13 +0100
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This seems like a blocker for 0.17. Upon following the self-hosting instructions on, using current head, the pull fails a sanity check. I've run it with --debug, the last few lines of the debug log are:

monotone: db.fetch("SELECT id FROM 'manifest_deltas' WHERE id = 'be30a61e6943059d907bc3dfa2780ad1f47aa95d'") monotone: db.fetch("SELECT id FROM 'manifests' WHERE id = 'be30a61e6943059d907bc3dfa2780ad1f47aa95d'") monotone: db.fetch("SELECT base from 'manifest_deltas' WHERE id = 'be30a61e6943059d907bc3dfa2780ad1f47aa95d'") monotone: inserting edge: be30a61e6943059d907bc3dfa2780ad1f47aa95d <- 57e868c942e01cac463a2a902b65591e330b7660
monotone: version cache hit on 57e868c942e01cac463a2a902b65591e330b7660
monotone: following delta 57e868c942e01cac463a2a902b65591e330b7660 -> be30a61e6943059d907bc3dfa2780ad1f47aa95d monotone: db.fetch("SELECT delta FROM 'manifest_deltas' WHERE id = 'be30a61e6943059d907bc3dfa2780ad1f47aa95d' AND base = '57e868c942e01cac463a2a902b65591e330b7660'")
monotone: version cache expiring 57e868c942e01cac463a2a902b65591e330b7660
monotone: db.fetch("SELECT data FROM revisions WHERE id = '62035893bc12369f31b0ffeb04aa18f28f1ecb69'")
monotone: Examining  -> 62035893bc12369f31b0ffeb04aa18f28f1ecb69
monotone: invariant 'I(purported_m_child == m_child)' violated
monotone: db.execute("ROLLBACK")

The full log's 112MB, but a 7.6MB bzip2ed version of it can be found at

Following this, I copied a 0.16 DB, did 'db dump' with 0.16, did 'db load' with 0.17, did 'db migrate' with 0.17. This resulted in a db with which I could check out the monotone source. On trying 'db rebuild', however, a different sanity failure occurred. I've run this with --debug, too, but I can't really tell how much of the end of the debug log might be needed. The assertion, in any event, is:

monotone: finished concatenation
monotone: invariant 'I(*changesets.find(old_id)->second == *old_to_child_changes_p)' violated

More of this is available to any takers, too :-) The whole thing's 73MB, but again, a 2MB bzip2ed version of it can be found at

All of this was on Win32, but Derek describes similar symptoms.

Jon Bright
Silicon Circus Ltd.

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