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[Monotone-devel] Re: ANNOUNCE: monotone 0.17

From: Catalin Marinas
Subject: [Monotone-devel] Re: ANNOUNCE: monotone 0.17
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 13:15:39 +0000
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Nathaniel Smith <address@hidden> wrote:
> 0.17 is now available from , together with
> info on what's new and upgrade instructions.

I posted this e-mail about a week ago but, for good reasons, there was
no reply. I will try again below:

>   # if you're using 0.16:
>   $ monotone-0.16 --db=foo.db db dump | monotone-0.17 --db=test.db db load
>   # if you've been tracking mainline and already switched to sqlite3:
>   $ cp foo.db test.db
>   # everyone:
>   $ monotone-0.17 --db=test.db db migrate

The above steps took couple of minutes each. I have a quite big
database (172MB) with 3366 check-ins. I try to import the BKCVS
revisions since Linux 2.6.9. After the dump/load conversion, the new
database is about 120MB.

>   $ monotone-0.17 --db=test.db db rebuild

This one is still running after about 18 hours, using 100% CPU. It
still updates the output from time to time. Do you have any estimation
about how long it will take (i.e. few more hours or weeks)?  My
machine is a P4 at 2.5GHz.

$ time monotone-0.17 --db=linux-test-0.17.db db rebuild
monotone: rebuilding revision graph from existing graph
monotone: [certs in: 13470] [certs out: 0] [nodes: 3366] [revs out: 0]
monotone: scanning for nodes with 3+ parents
monotone: rebuilding 3366 nodes
monotone: [certs in: 13470] [certs out: 0] [nodes: 3366] [revs out: 1]
monotone: verifying new revisions (this may take a while)
monotone: [certs in: 13470] [certs out: 0] [nodes: 3366] [revs out: 23]

Should the "revs out" above equal the number of nodes (I had to stop
it at this stage though)? With this speed, it might not complete the
db rebuild this year :-)



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