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[Monotone-devel] Re: netsync doesn't do anything

From: Peter Simons
Subject: [Monotone-devel] Re: netsync doesn't do anything
Date: 06 Apr 2005 15:43:33 +0200

Nathaniel Smith writes:

 >> [...] initial pull of the original branch takes about a day.

 > Oof. I assume this is just because of the really slow ancestry
 > checking code?

Yes. It downloads the certificates in about a minute, then it goes
off into verification land until the next sunrise. ;-)

 >> So I really need a way to pull a branch without pulling all
 >> its history.

 > I'd rather figure out how to make monotone fast enough that you
 > don't feel the need to do this?

Well, I would still want to distribute a sub-branch without
distributing all its ancestors. A developer who is working on
to.cryp.fat-project.small-library shouldn't need to have the entire
revision tree in his database just to work on that sub-project
library. The entire tree has 3,2 Gigabytes.

Or think of it in terms of "who is allowed to get what":


We might want to give customers (or external contractors) access to
the second branch without giving them access to the first. But we'd
still want to be able to propagate their changes back into our main

 > How huge _is_ huge.branch? (total files, total filesize, total
 > revisions?)

Because of the "cvs_import" bug, I haven't managed to import the
entire contents into Monotone yet. The database I have right now
contains about 5% of the repository (imported with a single, large
commit), and it comes at:

   schema version  : e372b508bea9b991816d1c74680f7ae10d2a6d94
   full manifests  : 95
   manifest deltas : 1337
   full files      : 14266
   file deltas     : 4828
   revisions       : 1416
   ancestry edges  : 1449
   certs           : 5678

The 15,000 files seem to be the problem. Once I had split them up
into sub-branches, everyday work with Monotone became much faster.
That doesn't help with the pull/push/sync operations, though.


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