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[Monotone-devel] monotone: misuse: file disappeared but exists in new ma

From: Kevin Greiner
Subject: [Monotone-devel] monotone: misuse: file disappeared but exists in new manifest
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 09:15:35 -0400

Now I'm sending this email for the 3rd time! My apologies if you're seeing these messages multiple times. My only guess is that a subject of "monotone list unknown" is somehow preventing the list management software from sending this email to the list. Quite odd... So this time I'm changing the subject completely. I'm seeing these messages showing up in the message archive but I'm not getting copies in my email client. I suppose the rest of you aren't either since I haven't seen any replies.


I'm working on "vendor branches" and have encountered a specific error that feels like a bug. I think I'm seeing the same problem reported here but as that question didn't get a response, I don't know if this is acceptable behavior or not.

Given a working copy with a deleted directory (as well as a number of other changes), I need to drop the missing files and directories prior to adding the unknown ones. (For a complete script to recreate this issue, see the archived message referenced above.) In the following message, the bar directory was deleted in the working copy using a filesystem delete but "monotone drop" hadn't yet been run. Here is the message.

>monotone list unknown
monotone: misuse: file disappeared but exists in new manifest: src/foo/bar/bang.c

Is this generally understood and correct behavior?

Thanks again for everyone's help.
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