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[Monotone-devel] zsh auto-completion

From: Joel Reed
Subject: [Monotone-devel] zsh auto-completion
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 22:49:48 -0400
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The attached file provides completion functionality for monotone
under zsh. I'd like to add to the tree as contrib/monotone.zsh_completion
unless someone objects.

The attached code completes commands, options, branches, keys, 
ids, etc. Its based on zsh's _cvs completion module. It works
well enough for me that I can't live with out it now, but this
is the first time I've ever done one of these modules, so ymmv.

With formatting specifications for monotone automate I could 
improve the completion code a good bit around files presented
for drop,revert,rename,etc.

Also if monotone complete had a quiet flag that printed nothing
at all if bad input was given like [h-z] chars, it would simplify
the zsh code a bit.

An automate interface for getting file attribute keys would also help.

And an automate interface for getting the list of file patterns
to ignore, though ignore_files would need altering if we did that I'd

Drop _monotone in /usr/share/zsh/4.2.5/functions/Completion/Unix/_monotone,
for example, and send me your feedback/improvements!


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