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[Monotone-devel] Re: Summit brainstorming

From: Graydon Hoare
Subject: [Monotone-devel] Re: Summit brainstorming
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 17:19:06 -0700
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Nathaniel Smith wrote: suggests significant interest
in doing this, so, no time like the present... let's see if we can
figure out any more details.

Length: this is perhaps the most important question.  How _long_
should this thing be?  Two options that come to mind:
  2-3 days: fits in a weekend
  6-7 days: Probably one would organize this as 2.5-3 days of sprint,
    then a day off to hang out/recuperate/let ideas gel, then another
2.5-3 days of sprint.

I prefer the sound of the longer period, just because my experience with hackathons is that they can be quite productive once they get rolling. But I'm happy with either length of time. We'd get more done with a week -- and plane tickets are typically cheaper that way -- but it'll be harder to co-ordinate and the cost of lost income and staying somewhere would likely overwhelm the transit costs.

Timing: _When_ should this thing be?

February is good for me.

Location: _Where_ should this thing be?  This is in some way the
  easiest question, because it doesn't matter too much... so long as
  we can find a space to work, ideally one with wifi and whiteboards.

I'm hearing -- and liking the sound of -- 3 locations: one in Germany, one in San Diego, one in .au/.nz yet to be determined.

(Or, as you've said, there's the possibility of some generous soul in silicon valley or the bay area lending us a conference room for a weekend or something; and I may be in Mountain View for company business in February anyways)

Once we have some rough ideas for the above, we can start looking at
pinning down timing more precisely, figuring out what sort of budgets
we would need for different options, and seeing how those budgets
compare to reality...

I can probably afford to fly myself to anywhere we're meeting. If someone else in North America is having a hard time making it, I might be able to chip in for another flight.


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