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Re: [Monotone-devel] mtn automate tcp

From: Timothy Brownawell
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] mtn automate tcp
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 10:04:14 -0600

On Fri, 2006-11-17 at 14:30 +0100, Lapo Luchini wrote:
> I was thinking... wouldn't a "automate tcp" be useful?
> I mean something that just accepts TCP connections and then talks the
> "automate stdio" protocol: having an always-on server listening on
> could be very nice e.g. from PHP access, when it
> would be difficult to maintain an open "automate stdio" available from
> all workers.
> Or there is some problem against that I cannot see right now?

Well, there's the problem of authentication. What I might like to see
would be for netsync to be expanded so that it can serve automate
commands as well as do synchronization. Then have a 'mtn automate remote
<address>' that connects to this and presents is as automate stdio. Then
authentication can be handled the same way that it is for sync, and
frontends can use the same db that the server is using.

>     Lapo
> PS: this could be easily done using "tcpserver" but that would accept
> only one connection at a time, for file-locking problems, isn't that so?

Um, probably. I think we might lock in such a way that multiple
instances can access the db at once as long as they're all read-only?
Not really sure about that...


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