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Re: [Monotone-devel] Sync Issue

From: aecooper
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] Sync Issue
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2008 17:05:34 -0000 (UTC)
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Oops sorry William I should have said in the original email.

The server is running on SPARC Solaris 9.0 (Patch 04/2004 I think). The
clients are x86_64 RedHat-AS4U2. The software was built with the Boost
library recommended in the build notes (1.33.1) using gcc 3.4.4 on a 32
bit system.

--full-version gives:

monotone 0.35 (base revision: f92dd754bf5c1e6eddc9c462b8d68691cfeb7f8b)
Running on          : Linux 2.6.9-34.EL #1 Sun Mar 19 13:34:16 CST 2006 i686
C++ compiler        : GNU C++ version 3.4.4 20050721 (Red Hat 3.4.4-2)
C++ standard library: GNU libstdc++ version 20050721
Boost version       : 1_33_1
Changes since base revision:
format_version "1"

new_manifest [f95da638a0aa17f7c5979d17a059faf6a46e9670]

old_revision [f92dd754bf5c1e6eddc9c462b8d68691cfeb7f8b]

  Generated from data cached in the distribution;
  further changes may have been made.


> On 02/03/2008, at 10:58 AM, Anthony Edward Cooper wrote:
>>    We use monotone 0.35 at work and have been having some minor
>> issues when syncing databases. The problem seems to happen when a
>> database has a couple of revisions to upload and several hundred
>> revisions to download (at a minimum). The sync sometimes locks up
>> the client and the server locks out other clients while the
>> offending client is left running. The server is idle waiting on
>> poll, presumably waiting for some subtransaction to complete. It
>> resumes normal operation once the faulty client is terminated. Once
>> the client has done this once it does it again when rerun.
> Just a quick check: what OSs are the client and server running?  What
> transport is the protocol using (are you trying to use ssh, or just
> the normal "mtn serve" netsync protocol)?
> Cheers,
> Will       :-}

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