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Re: [Monotone-devel] oprofile data for mtn 0.37.

From: Jack Cummings
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] oprofile data for mtn 0.37.
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 14:41:25 -0700
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On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 05:10:16PM -0400, Zack Weinberg wrote:
> >  Here's my oprofile run script:
> Also thanks, but you don't answer the question I was trying to ask:
> What are you doing *with monotone* while you're profiling?

Good question. This binary does quite a few different things servers, merging,
workspace updating, but I think it will be dominated by vacuous[0] netsync. 

There is one evil branch in there -- a Maildir with 100k files and 10k revs
that gets a new rev every hour. 


[0] There are couple servers polling each other with a mean period of about 90
minutes per branch, about 70 branches, 15k revs (total), and about 5.4GiB of

Jack (John) Cummings                 
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