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[Monotone-devel] [ViewMTN] Sorting directories before files

From: Will Thompson
Subject: [Monotone-devel] [ViewMTN] Sorting directories before files
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 17:36:48 +0000
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The attached trivial patch to ViewMTN sorts directories before files
when browsing a revision, which seems useful.

It relies on python believing that "dir" < "file", and hence that
("dir", x) sorts before ("file", y); there's a comment to this effect.

Will – not subscribed to this list; please CC me if you reply.
# old_revision [ff6f92608b076dabc1da2f37b4aa326f47a8a7eb]
# patch ""
#  from [1de08d5626f44e62341a85effcad4ce618264d95]
#    to [808a9a3128487df75a7f4a66a93611d7917e5f90]
--- 1de08d5626f44e62341a85effcad4ce618264d95
+++ 808a9a3128487df75a7f4a66a93611d7917e5f90
@@ -614,8 +618,11 @@ class RevisionBrowse(RevisionPage):
                 if not certinfo.has_key(revision):
                     certinfo[revision] = _get_certinfo(revision)
                 return certinfo[revision]
-            for stanza_type, this_path in entry_iter:
+            # entry_iter yields tuples (type, name) where type == "dir" or type
+            # == "file".  "dir" < "file", so sorting the list will sort
+            # directories before files, and otherwise sort by name.  How handy!
+            for stanza_type, this_path in sorted(entry_iter):
                 # determine the most recent of the content marks
                 content_marks = [t[1] for t in 
ctxt.ops.get_content_changed(revision, this_path)]
                 for mark in content_marks:

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