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[Monotone-devel] automate show_conflict

From: Stephen Leake
Subject: [Monotone-devel] automate show_conflict
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 20:46:15 -0400
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I've created the branch n.v.m.automate_show_conflict, added the
'automate show_conflict', and a test tests/automate_show_conflicts.

In an earlier thread, we talked about adding --merge and --update
options to this command, to aid in picking which revisions to report
conflicts for. I haven't done that yet.

So far it outputs the "file added on left and right" case properly.
I'll work thru all the cases in tests/conflict_messages.

The current basic_io format is:

 left [1337cb1059c4bc3e376b14381b43e9383c654da1]
right [d5f1dd136c86b5bbd5e71b0c3365667e328af492]

  conflict "duplicate name"
      name ""
 left_type "added file"
   left_id [61b8d4fb0e5d78be111f691b955d523c782fa92e]
right_type "added file"
  right_id [dd6805ae36432d6edcbdff6ea578ea981ffa2144]

  conflict "duplicate name"
      name "thermostat.c"
 left_type "added file"
   left_id [4cdcec6fa2f9d5c075d5b80d03c708c8e4801196]
right_type "added file"
  right_id [7e9f2712c5d3570815f1546772d9119474d32afc]

The first two lines give the revision ids being compared. Each
subsequent stanza gives one conflict. If the conflict involves files,
the file id is output, to allow efficient retrieval of the file
contents for reviewing the files to help in deciding how to resolve
the conflicts.

There's also a test tests/resolve_duplicate_name_conflict that shows
the intended flow for using this to resolve duplicate name conflicts.

Eventually I'll work on adding support in Emacs DVC for resolving
non-content conflicts.

-- Stephe

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