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Re: [Monotone-devel] mainline unit tests fixed

From: Zack Weinberg
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] mainline unit tests fixed
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 18:27:30 -0400

On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 4:48 PM, Markus Schiltknecht <address@hidden> wrote:
>  I've hopefully fixed the two tests, which were failing on mainline. The
>  first, non_workspace_keydir, one was failing, because it expected no
>  keys in the keydir. If you had some in $HOME/keys, it failed. I've
>  solved this by creating an empty directory and setting $HOME to that.

Ick.  Why are we even looking at $HOME in the testsuite?  It's really
important that the testsuite not touch *any* of the user's
configuration, lest it come to depend on some state in there -- or
worse, corrupt the user's setup.  (Imagine if at some point in the
future we migrate to some other keydir format; we don't want the user
testing a trunk build to have their older, system-installed version
suddenly stop being able to read their private key!)

>  The second one took me more than an hour, because my knowledge of the
>  ssh_agent is pretty uhm.. non-existent. Anyway, it turned out, that
>  removing "--ssh-sign=no" from safe_mtn() in lua-testsuite.lua did the trick.
>  It looks like Stephen added that in revision d7b34554...  I cannot see
>  any reason for that addition, so I've removed it again.

I asked for that to be added, for the same reason as above - we don't
want the test suite touching the user's ssh agent any more than their
.monotone directory.  Most of the tests do not have anything to do
with the ssh agent and should not use it at all, hence --ssh-sign=no
in safe_mtn().

The ssh_agent test case (and all other hypothetical tests that do need
the agent) ought to spawn a private copy of the daemon and kill it
when it's done.

>  Stephen, please,
>  before you commit, run the testsuite - that's what we have it for. Then
>  commit on mainline only if it passes all the tests. Use a branch if you
>  want to commit experimental stuff, which doesn't pass the tests.

I am 100% agreed with this rule, however.


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