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[Monotone-devel] seg fault report

From: Scott Ruckh
Subject: [Monotone-devel] seg fault report
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 00:00:02 -0700

I was triying to make the SlugOS/BE build environment.  This was build with the lastest stable version of monotone, using the SVN source of Boost tools.  The playform is CentOS 4.6 x86_64.
( mtn -d monotone/ unset database default-server )
( mtn -d monotone/ unset database default-include-pattern )
( mtn -d monotone/ pull \
        org.{nslu2-linux.*,} )
mtn: setting default server to
mtn: setting default branch include pattern to '{org.nslu2\-linux.*,}'
mtn: doing anonymous pull; use -kKEYNAME if you need authentication
mtn: connecting to
mtn: first time connecting to server
mtn: I'll assume it's really them, but you might want to double-check
mtn: their key's fingerprint: 0d63ffa0fad7729bafd3428d29b28da7b61fac4d
mtn: finding items to synchronize:
mtn: certificates | keys | revisions
mtn:       69,325 |   72 |    22,834
mtn:  bytes in | bytes out | certs in | revs in
mtn:   283.3 k |   197.8 k |    0/260 |    1/65mtn: fatal signal: Segmentation fault
this is almost certainly a bug in monotone.
please send this error message, the output of 'mtn version --full',
and a description of what you were doing to address@hidden
do not send a core dump, but if you have one,
please preserve it in case we ask you for information from it.
/bin/sh: line 1: 17960 Segmentation fault      ( mtn -d monotone/ pull org.{nslu2-linux.*,} )
make: *** [_MTN/.configured] Error 139
mtn version --full
monotone 0.39 (base revision: dedb7e96fe917e0e8a30862b38e8092eefd7afa3)
Running on          : Linux #1 Mon Mar 24 16:21:43 MST 2008 x86_64
C++ compiler        : GNU C++ version 3.4.6 20060404 (Red Hat 3.4.6-9)
C++ standard library: GNU libstdc++ version 20060311
Boost version       : 1_35
Changes since base revision:
format_version "1"
new_manifest [4e4ac5001dcd5d1bdf815a6207e8373db8f21eb8]
old_revision [dedb7e96fe917e0e8a30862b38e8092eefd7afa3]
  Generated from data cached in the distribution;
  further changes may have been made.

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