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Re: [Monotone-devel] mtn: misuse: rename target 'Foo/bla' already exists

From: Stephen Leake
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] mtn: misuse: rename target 'Foo/bla' already exists
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 07:18:01 -0400
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Boris <address@hidden> writes:

> Can anyone tell me what I should do here:
> mtn: updating along branch 'mybranch'
> mtn: selected update target 4e34dedb6e8a9cb16f3a303b86c61fd384328e42
> mtn: [left]  5a641ac778ae8acab3f1415febc4582bc9204810
> mtn: [right] 4e34dedb6e8a9cb16f3a303b86c61fd384328e42
> mtn: adding Foo/bla
> mtn: misuse: rename target 'Foo/bla' already exists
> I was trying to check out the two revisions and compare the
> directories  and files but I can't check out the left side:
> mtn: misuse: no match for selection '5a641ac778ae8aca'

That's because it's a "workspace revision"; it does not exist in the

You can check out the _other_ revision in a separate workspace to
compare them. 

This is a case where "show conflicts" would help, _if_ it could show
workspace conflicts.

> Before I mess up everything and lose revisions maybe someone can tell
> me  how I can proceed safely? I'm using monotone 0.40 (both on Windows
> XP and  Cygwin).

You have a conflict; revision '4e34de' has a file named Foo/bla, but
the workspace has an _unknown_ file Foo/bla as well.

The simplest way to proceed is to move the workspace file Foo/bla to
somewhere else, outside the workspace. Then do the update, then use
your favorite merge tool to merge the known Foo/bla with the unknown

Or it may be that one or both of the files should be renamed instead
merging them.

Another way to proceed would be to add and commit the unknown file
Foo/bla. Then you'll have two heads on the branch. When you try to
merge them, you'll get a duplicate name conflict. You can resolve the
conflict by renaming one or both files, or by dropping one from one

This is discussed in the monotone manual, in the section Advanced
Uses | Workspace Collisions, and the second option in Advanced Uses |
Merge Conflicts. Can you suggest improvements to those sections that
would have helped you with this?

-- Stephe

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