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Re: [Monotone-devel] propose to land .stripped on Tuesday

From: Zack Weinberg
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] propose to land .stripped on Tuesday
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 11:52:34 -0800

On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 10:07 AM, Stephen Leake
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Zack Weinberg <address@hidden> writes:
>> Failing that, what version of Automake is in use here?
> 1.9.5
> Debian is 1.10.1

Debian has 1.9.6 as a non-default option, and I did test with that.  I
don't see anything relevant in the change log between 1.9.6 and 1.9.5
releases.  So that takes us back around to either a Make bug or a
Cygwin-specific automake bug.

Could you send me (off-list) a copy of the Makefile (not the .in or
the .am, the file generated by config.status) please?

>>> Later, I have a problem with xgettext; we are using 0.16 on Mingw (I'm
>>> not clear why), 0.17 on Debian. 0.17 supports the --package-name and
>>> --package-version options, which are now used by the makefile. 0.17 is
>>> available on MinGW.
>> Is it a problem to upgrade?  I don't remember any conditional logic in
>> there, but I could very easily be wrong (the point of that exercise
>> was, after all, that the old gettext logic was incomprehensible).


>> we don't test [gettext] precisely because we can't know what locales
>> are available.
> I think we should upgrade it, and then set up at least one build bot
> with known locales so it can be tested.

I'd be for that except that I don't know how to *detect* that we have
a usable locale corresponding to (at least one of the languages for
which there is an up-to-date translation).

>>> There's a bug in EXTERNAL_LIBS; it has "LIBINTL" instead of
>>> "intl_LIBS", needed to link tester.exe. Fixed in
>> I'm an idiot.
> I wouldn't go that far; I make plenty of similar mistakes.

I just feel especially silly about this one because I changed it deliberately.

> In general, this branch has a much cleaner build struture; you've done
> a lot of good work.

Thanks. :)

> still can't sync.

Neither can I.

11:50:26.181501 IP trurl.local.36805 > S
2384843790:2384843790(0) win 5840 <mss 1460,sackOK,timestamp 394375
0,nop,wscale 7>
11:50:26.371434 IP > trurl.local.36805: S
3976852068:3976852068(0) ack 2384843791 win 0 <mss 1380>
11:50:26.371499 IP trurl.local.36805 > . ack 1 win 5840

which looks like the computer is fine, but the server process needs a
kick in the head.  I believe it's Richard L's machine?


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