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[Monotone-devel] Re: is monotone for me?

From: Gour
Subject: [Monotone-devel] Re: is monotone for me?
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2010 14:29:51 +0200

On Sun, 27 Jun 2010 07:47:07 -0400
>>>>>> "Stephen" == <address@hidden> wrote:

Stephen> mtn works on Linux, Mac, and Win32 (native and Cygwin). Some
Stephen> features are not supported on Win32 native, but all work on
Stephen> Win32 Cygwin.

What is missing on Win32? (not utterly important, just curious)

Stephen> There is an Emacs front-end called DVC. I consider that a GUI,
Stephen> but some people don't. I maintain it, and it almost eliminates
Stephen> the need for mtn command line.

Very nice...I was considering using it, but darcs is not well
supported (that's why I have to use darcsum), but support for monotone
misses, accroding to the table, support for pull?

Stephen> One issue is the version number; 0.48 sounds "experimental".
Stephen> There will be a 1.0 soon.

Yeah, I've seen...around fall?

Stephen> > b) there are some possibilities for hosting darcs repos, but,
Stephen> > according to the wiki, there is only one site offering
Stephen> > public hosting for monotone. Do I miss some?
Stephen> If you use ssh access, there is very little admin burden for a
Stephen> mtn server; just creating user accounts.

Good. Is ViewMTN now part of monotone? We'd like to provide web access
for the code.

Stephen> The mtn version on the server does not have to be up to date;
Stephen> the netsync protocol changes very slowly.


Stephen> > c) considering b) it seems practical to think about using
Stephen> > one's own hosting for the project, I'm curious about memory
Stephen> > requirements on the server (for medium-sized project)?
Stephen> Obviously, it needs a medium-sized memory :). mtn uses sqlite
Stephen> for the backend database; that reads the entire database into
Stephen> memory.

Hmm...this needs some further investigation to discern how many MBs we
are talking here...

Stephen> With ssh access, only one user can access the db at a time;
Stephen> that reduces the memory requirements over running multi-user
Stephen> access. That doesn't work well if you have _lots_ of users
Stephen> (since the probability of collisions goes up). But the time
Stephen> each user locks the database is pretty short, so it really is
Stephen> _lots_ of users. Sorry, no numbers; it also depends on the
Stephen> work flow; how often each user syncs.

No anticipation for _lots_of multi-user access. If it will happen,
then we can think about it.

Stephen> > d) similar to Fossil, monotone is a bit isolated in its own
Stephen> > universe due to the lack of interoperability tools.
Stephen> Can you be more specific? Which tools in particular are not
Stephen> there?

X-import for importing from X DVCS and (possibly) doing 2-way sync.

Tailor developer told me that mtn support is 'stable' in the sense
that there are no new patches for years, so we have to find out how
the present tailor works with current version of mtn.

Moreover, there is only single public hosting for mtn repos which
means that one has to arrange one's own setup for hosting the code,
bug tracker etc.

Thank you for input.



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