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[Monotone-devel] Re: /etc under version control

From: Gour D.
Subject: [Monotone-devel] Re: /etc under version control
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 09:38:36 +0200

On Mon, 26 Jul 2010 15:25:02 +0000 (UTC)
>>>>>> "Ludovic" == Ludovic Brenta <address@hidden> wrote:

Ludovic> I've been doing this for several years now, without a problem
Ludovic> on my Debian laptop.  The only trick, for me, was to ignore
Ludovic> some files which are symlinks to files outside /etc (most of
Ludovic> these point to binary executables anyway).  

Hey, that's nice to hear.

Ludovic> I usually use only one branch, org.ludovic-brenta.etc, and
Ludovic> switch to another branch when spending time at my parents'
Ludovic> home (and using their wifi access).  I commit changes made by
Ludovic> the package manager directly to that branch.  I do not need to
Ludovic> keep the pristine configuration files under version control
Ludovic> since Debian already local changes nicely.

What do you think about adding support for Monotone to etckeeper which
can provide extended features when hooked to some of the standard
distro package managers supported by it?



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