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[Monotone-devel] IANA registration change declined

From: Thomas Keller
Subject: [Monotone-devel] IANA registration change declined
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 11:19:58 +0100
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Hi all!

The IANA registration change ("monotone" -> "mtn") was ultimatively
declined, because the previous "owner" of the entry, Tomas Fasth, could
not be reached through any channel either by me nor by IANA. The IESG
was consulted and I got their response forwarded:

"decline on the basis that they need to show the relation of the
previous owner, and that this change is too minor and has potential
impact on legacy deployments and network/firewall management"

It did not help to tell them that I'm "upstream" and the right person
and yatta, yatta, so we just have to ignore /etc/services in the future
then... :(


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