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Re: [Monotone-devel] Soon time for a release

From: Thomas Keller
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] Soon time for a release
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 00:36:56 +0100
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Am 22.02.11 15:27, schrieb Richard Levitte:
> Hey there,
> Some time furign the winter (when we realised a Christmas release
> would be impossible), we said that we would release monotone v1.0
> withing Q1 2011.  Q1 ends in a little more than a month (*), so it
> might be time to wrap it up a bit.
> The things I see left to do is this:
> 1. have a look at the open issues, try to classify the issues in
>    milestones they should go into or simply fix them if it seems
>    appropriate.

I think the issues listed under

are (at least for me) the only dealbreakers for 1.0. We have of course
more bugs in the tracker, but I think most do not qualify to hold 1.0 back.

Personally there is only one more ticket, which is actually a regression
from 0.48 iirc, that is nagging me a bit, issue 132. Its not yet
targeted for 1.0 and I'd be ok if it goes into 1.1 or later as well.

> 2. go through the contrib/ directory and see what can and should be
>    moved to somewhere in extra/, be moved somewhere else (the wiki
>    on a 'tricks and tips' or 'contributed stuff'?), or tossed.
>    If you want to toss something, please talk with the original author
>    first.

You've been very busy in this area lately - thanks a bunch for all your
work! If we don't manage to move most of the contrib/ stuff, then I'm
all for removing it temporarily from the distribution and bring it back
step by step in the upcoming releases. Until then it can peacefully
co-exist just in the source tree.

> 3. at some point, we will create a separate branch for v1.0, probably
>    named like the others, i.e. net.venge.monotone.monotone-1.0, and
>    have that be frozen for changes except for serious bugs.


> 4. general check that it works on as many systems as possible.

I hate to ask, but I guess we still have no news on the buildbot front,
right? I need to kick-off the openSUSE stuff again...

> Did I forget something?  Please add to the list.

Just a note about the string unification - I'm all with you here. I'll
start with the placeholder unification tonight. Need some easy work,
I recently catched a cold, I hope I'm better by the end of the week.


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