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[moz-bonobo-list] Join Me

From: th
Subject: [moz-bonobo-list] Join Me
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 14:29:39 -0700


I have the honor to introduce this business to you in view that you will accept 
to be my partner. Obviously you might be surprised to read this letter but 
consider it as a request from a stranger in need of a foreign partner.

I got your contact via the net. I am Mr. Greg Themba, an Auditor contracted by 
ABSA bank of South Africa (ABSA). In the course of my contract I discovered an 
account that was opened in this bank in 1995 by one Mr. T.J Martins a foreign 
miner with a balance of twenty six million dollars ($26m). This account has 
been dormant since 20th of July 1998, which prompted investigation that lasted 
for six months. It was however discovered that Mr. T.J Martins died in a 
ghastly motor accident on the 15th of Nov, 1997. Unfortunately he did not leave 
any clue or lead that could help the bank locate any of his relatives.

With all the information of late Mr. T.J. Martins, which I retrieved from the 
ABSA Bank’s secured system, the bank will have no choice than to release the 
money. All it will entail is for a foreigner to lay claims to the estate and 
then wait for the bank’s response. This is where your partnership is required. 
As soon as you indicate interest I will give you more details regarding the 
process of this transaction.

We have unanimously agreed to give you 25% of the above amount, while we shall 
retain 75%. Any money spent during this process will be deducted before 
sharing. I want to assure you, there is no risk associated with this business. 
My only worry is the safety of the money once it gets into your account. I have 
a senior person in the bank that I am working with, though he chose to remain 
anonymous but will be instrumental in endorsing all approvals. We expect to 
conclude this business in 10 days.

I look forward to receiving your assistance letter. 


Greg Themba.

+27 78 7806637

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