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[NAUSEA] Commit: 2005-12-04

From: Luca Saiu
Subject: [NAUSEA] Commit: 2005-12-04
Date: Sun, 04 Dec 2005 03:06:33 +0100
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2005-12-04  Luca Saiu  <address@hidden>

        * common/utility.scm, common/scheme-model-format.scm,
        server/server-side.scm: moved into shared/, so that they are more
        * common/, common/, server/ 
        paths to the moved Scheme files. Minor changes.
        * */Makefile: add support for common/Version.*
        * common/Version.*: added, bumped version number.
        * server/, client/,
        utilities/ use the new version information.
        * shared/ciao-texture.png: removed (I failed to actually remove it at 
        last commit).
        * Makefile*: minor changes.
        * client/ removed the ugly bin/client-data/ directory: now
        a directory is used, either in the user home, or in /var/, or in /tmp/.
        * client/ corrected an interface buglet related to
        the use of synchronousShowMessage(). Added simple client-commands:
        update-frames-indices, placing-resolution, background-color. Replaced
        you-need-the-file with you-need-the-files, using the new faster file
        socket. Updated some (kludgish) hardwired key bindings for camera
        commands. Updated picking support (in a kludgish way). Set
        synchronousMessagesStopWathTimeOut to zero, it looks nicer.
        * client/ when called with no arguments ask
        the server host name to the user, with a simple terminal interface.
        Added a textual banner.
        * client/InteractiveClientRenderer.*: do placing in the cubemap only
        for faces with non-null textures. Added support for the
        frameIndicesUpdating field. Minor changes.
        * client/ now the background correctly covers the full
        viewport, including the topmost line and the rightmost column.
        * common/ last modification time and size are now
        sent as floats. This is more portable among different Guile versions.
        * common/ updated some error messages.    
        * common/PickingManager.*: minor changes.
        * common/SDLGraphics.*: updated the way we choose screen resolution.
        * common/ minor changes.
        * common/ minor changes.
        * server/MetaData.h: removed an apostrophe in a #warning, which gives
        problems with old GCCs.
        * server/ trap network errors occurring when executing the
        disconnect command. Added role->name. minor changes.
        * server/ServerCompileTimeParameters.*: updated the value of
        serverCyclesPerSecond. Added serverUptimeReportInterval.
        * server/ Added a try..catch block in
        WorldServer::loop() so that now we never crash on any network exception.
        Used serverUptimeReportInterval. Minor changes.
        * shared/default-client-settings.xml: regenerated.
        * shared/nausea-icon-72x72.png: added.

Luca Saiu, maintainer of GNU epsilon

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