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Re: [Nel] Unable to compile nelns on linux

From: Cedric Valignat
Subject: Re: [Nel] Unable to compile nelns on linux
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 16:24:31 +0100
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Hello David,

I rewrote the configure script of NeL, NeLNS, and Snowballs there is 3
weeks ago and i, apparently, didn't test it enought before comiting the
new files, so there was a bug with the --with-nel-lib, sorry about that ...

I fixed it and that will be available on the public cvs tonigth.

The changes that i made on the configure scripts are a mostly complete
rewrite of them. I put all the macros in a acinclude.m4 file placed in
the $CVSROOT/code directory and i created symbolic links inside the cvs
repository in the $CVSROOT/code/{nel,nelns,snowballs2} directories to
that file.

Thanks a lot for your help :-)


According to David Mentre:
> [...]
> As something been changed recently in the nelns/configure scripts?
> [...]
> PS : I have added path to NeL and STLports libraries in
> Could it explain this bad behavior? I don't think so.

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