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[Nel] 3D software mode again

From: neuser jean-philippe
Subject: [Nel] 3D software mode again
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 20:29:22 +0100

Bonjour à tous
il me semble que l'équipe de Nevrax est française non ?
Alors pourquoi m'embeter à écrire en un mauvais anglais.
Dans le doute j'ecris ma question en anglais ...
I need a littler bit more information about how to play snowball demo in 3D software mode.
Snowball use opengl 1.2 extension so , i need an opengl driver delivered by the manufacturer of my 3D card. But i dont have a 3D card so i m not able to have this driver.
I would like to know where can i download a complete Opengl software driver which  support 1.2 extension.
I have read that Microsoft have to build when but i m not able to find it.
thanks to all.

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