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Re: [Nel] Asserts (more information)

From: Vianney Lecroart
Subject: Re: [Nel] Asserts (more information)
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 10:50:11 +0100

> AST 9065 bit_set.h 74 : "bitNumber>=0 && bitNumber<NumBits"
> AST 9065 bit_set.h 86 : "bitNumber>=0 && bitNumber<NumBits"

Ok, the problem should come from event_listener in misc module that use a
bit set (the keyboard state) and caps lock keys value is perhaps out of
bound of this bit set.
event.h contains all the key (0 to 0xFF) so the bit set size is 0xFF and
Caps Lock is not in this enum so the value is perhaps random and make an
assert when trying to access to the bit set.

Vianney Lecroart
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