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RE: [Nel] new snowballs zones?

From: Vianney Lecroart
Subject: RE: [Nel] new snowballs zones?
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 10:07:46 +0100

Hi Frederick,

> There's no sound yet however, i thought that was done already ?

There's a sound library in NeL but snowballs doesn't use it at all
because we don't have sounds and we don't have time to work on this but
feel free to add your contribution :)

> maybe i didn't build everyting, could be. What i don't understand is
the file.
> in the INSTALL file of snowballs it says i need to configure this or
> but i'm on windows, autoconf seems a linux program.

You are right, is not for Windows, so don't take it in

> it couldn't load some zones, wich i indeed don't have with my current
datapack. Are there any new zones?


> did snowballs grow :-) ?


> if so where can i find them ?

no :) because they don't exist. The algorithms just take the player
position and try to load all zone around the player in a range. Of
course, if the player is near a border, some zone are selected but not
available and the NeL 3d lib complains but it s not important at all.

Vianney Lecroart
lead network programmer /
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