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Re: [Nel] Login service of mtp-target

From: Vianney Lecroart
Subject: Re: [Nel] Login service of mtp-target
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 10:50:40 +0200
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login_service is not mandatory for mtp target.
if you want to play on LAN, you can just launch mtp_target_service.exe and then configure the client mtp_target.cfg with the good ServerHost address.
if you want to play online, you don't need server since we host them.
and if you want to create a new server on our pool of server, then you have to contact me to add your server in the pool. by default, when you launch mtp_target_service.exe it doesn't connect to LS so you must not have this warning.

For people that doesn't know mtp target, it s a little game made with NeL. More information on :


Vianney Lecroart

yih wrote:

get this when running the "Login_service" or mtp-target:

File: D:\mtp-target\login_service\login_service.cpp
Line: 192
Reason: mysql_query('update shard set NbPlayers=0, State='Offline',
InternalId=0') failed: 'Unknown column 'State' in 'field list''

can someone tell me briefly what does login_service do? i tried to connect
online with the compiled client downloaded from met-target & it works fine,
but it says:

Can't connect to TCP server
Connection refused to LS

do i need to run login_service in order to play online? but i didn't when
using the downloaded client.



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