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[Nmh-workers] nmh 1.3, Sender, and Alternate-Mailboxes

From: Joel Uckelman
Subject: [Nmh-workers] nmh 1.3, Sender, and Alternate-Mailboxes
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 01:02:59 +0200

I upgraded to 1.3 today and noticed a change which took me quite some time
to undo. I had this as my scan format:

%4(msg)%<(cur)+%| %>%<{replied}-%?{encrypted}E%| %>\
%02(mon{date})/%02(mday{date})%<{date} %|*%>\
%<(zero)%17(decode(friendly{from}))%>  \

The important thing here is the thrid line, which gives me a scan line
showing the recipient in my outbox:

9916  06/24 To:testlist        Test message<<This is a test. -- J. >>

and showing the sender everywhere else.

Apparently the 'Sender' header is no longer created by nmh 1.3 before the
message is Fcc'd to my outbox.

In order to fix this problem, I changed 'sender' in the scan format to
'from', but then I ran into the problem that I specify my From directly
in my ~/Mail/components as 'address@hidden', while nmh thinks it
lives at ellipsis.cx (both nomic.net and ellipsis.cx are the same
machine), and so at this point mybox{from} no longer returned true.

So, I then added the line 'Alternative-Mailboxes: address@hidden'
to my ~/.mh_profile. That fixed the problem with the scan format, but
then caused repl to work differently than it had before. I'd had my
replcomps set up to do this for the To:

%<(nonnull)%(void(width))%(putaddr To: )%>

Before, if I replied to a message I sent myself (something I do rather often
since I use my inbox as a notebook sometimes) my address would show up in
the To using this format. Once I added Alternative-Mailboxes, I found that
I couldn't get my address to show up at all.

So, I did this instead:

%(lit)%(formataddr %<{reply-to}%?{from}%?{sender}%?{return-path}%>)\
%(void(width))%(putaddr To: )

This works, but somehow I get the feeling that I didn't need to go through
all of this trouble. Can anyone offer some advice?


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