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[Nmh-workers] Question about RFC 2822: "A.1.3. Group addresses".

From: nmh
Subject: [Nmh-workers] Question about RFC 2822: "A.1.3. Group addresses".
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2017 14:19:59 -0500

For clarity,
I decided to use a "mail group", for example "My Group" as in this 3 line body 
less test draft:
    From: my_from_alias_here
    To: My Group: address@hidden ;                                              
    Fcc: sent                           

Of course it bounces, but in the bounce "address@hidden"
is stripped out of the To header.  

In general, all email addresses in the group
are stripped out, so the recipients do not know who is in the group.
This is true when all the addresses are valid.

I'm familiar with:

    Undisclosed recipients:;

where you explicitly indicate an empty group; but in my case it is not empty.
Is this behavior of stripping the addresses out of the header per spec?
Is there any syntax that stops the removal?

Thanks for all your work on nmh.

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