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[Octal-dev] OCTAL Technical Article!!!

From: Dave O'Toole
Subject: [Octal-dev] OCTAL Technical Article!!!
Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 14:18:26 -0400

Steve Mosher wrote:

>         How do you preserve consistancy when your data is streaming in?
> You can't exactly wait until all the data is finished to find the optimal
> levels... you could do it by block, but won't that upset one streams
> amplitude if the other quiets out? I personally wouldn't mind having to
> manipulate the mixer manually, explicitly setting all of the mixing levels
> of the ingoing samples. This interests me a lot. I'd really like to know
> how this is supposed to work...

These are good questions. You've prodded me to start a brief (one or two
pages) OCTAL Technical Article on the subject, explaining some possible
approaches, including the (probably not really new) method I've
brainstormed, as well as other approaches. I'm going to use LaTeX
because I am becoming more and more prone to express things that way
now. I think we may end up with a combination of techniques. 

Explicitly setting every mixer setting is a pain, but being able to set
(and dynamically script, i.e. fadeins) the levels I choose to set should
also be possible, as in Buzz. So there will be both an automatic mixer
as close to Buzz's as we can get it, as well as facilities for
controlling it yourself when you want to. 

OFF-TOPIC: Is anyone else here becoming a Donald Knuth fan? I just
picked up two more of his books... I'm slowly becoming a collector or
Knuth stuff. 

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