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Re: [Octal-dev] OCTAL Technical Article!!!

From: Steve Mosher
Subject: Re: [Octal-dev] OCTAL Technical Article!!!
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 14:27:52 -0300

On Tue, 16 May 2000, Dave O'Toole wrote:
> That would be cool, but if it was going to sound at all decent we'd very
> quickly run out of polyphony. It's computationally expensive. 
> This isn't to say that pitch-shifting isn't useful. I use it everywhere. 

        You're right. I totally forgot about that, since I was preoccupied
with quality. That, and you can't get a very full range of notes with
quality that way (I think the limit is something like 200%, or one

"The problem is that you haven't put enough peanut butter on the CPUfan."
        -- Alan DeKok in response to a stupid question.

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