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OT: Re: [Octal-dev] is a "gearlib" wanted/needed/possible/trivial?

From: Matt Stanton
Subject: OT: Re: [Octal-dev] is a "gearlib" wanted/needed/possible/trivial?
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 21:48:10 +0800

joost diepenmaat wrote:
> So you could make a synth which uses the standard oscillators from the
> gearlib,
> can you then use more oscillators just by updating the gearlib? is there
> any room
> for this kind of behaviour in the module-API?
> I think it would make some pretty cool stuff a lot easier. ( by the way,
> i'm still
> working at an update for my tb-303 buzz-module, and if the gearlib is
> going to be
> developed, i would be happy to donate some of the stuff from there, for
> instance
> the filter and adr (no sustain, but with accent))
> Joost 'Climox' Diepenmaat

Ok, this is offtopic, but this little tidbit floated across the AH list
the other day and I thought a few of you might find it interesting /
amusing - 


The "TB-30303".  Feel up to it, Climox?  :)

Matt Stanton

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