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Re: [Octal-dev] Hellooooo out there!

From: Dave O'Toole
Subject: Re: [Octal-dev] Hellooooo out there!
Date: Mon Aug 28 21:50:06 2000

> dto: can you give a short into to what
> you plan in the next release... on advogato
> you mentioned a sequencer, so im curious

1. A working engine_view window that you can play with. This is mostly
already written as you saw the screenshot, however it needs to be
revised to behave in the new architecture (the threads that don't stomp
on each other's data structures.) This is a bit more difficult to design
than I had thought it was going to be, as I want to avoid locking data
structures that the core needs to touch. If the core blocks for a long
time we can have dropouts. 

2. Probably a plugin-chooser window and maybe a context menu. 

3. Parts of the sequencer.

> would be impolite to ask you when ;)))

No, don't be afraid to prod me :-). The project has had steady progress,
perhaps just not as fast as I'd like. But it is getting there. Learning
pthreads was quite a trip. 

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