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[Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #50398] jit no longer compiles with Octave 4.2

From: Yury
Subject: [Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #50398] jit no longer compiles with Octave 4.2.1
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2017 10:23:51 -0500 (EST)
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Follow-up Comment #15, bug #50398 (project octave):

I have this problem when compiling Octave 4.2.1 from source on CentOS 7.4. I
use the following configure options:

./configure LLVM_CONFIG=/usr/bin/llvm-config --prefix=/usr/local/octave
--enable-threads=posix --enable-jit --enable-address-sanitizer-flags
--disable-java --with-openssl --disable-float-truncate --enable-bounds-check

My LLVM version is 3.4.2, so according to the previous comment it should build
without an error, but it doesn't.

I have the following error:

../libinterp/corefcn/jit-typeinfo.cc:216:1: error: ‘octave_jit_octave’ has
not been declared
 octave_jit_octave::err_nan_to_logical_conversion (void)
../libinterp/corefcn/jit-typeinfo.cc: In function ‘void
../libinterp/corefcn/jit-typeinfo.cc:216:1: error: redefinition of ‘void
In file included from ../liboctave/array/Array-util.h:31:0,
                 from ../liboctave/operators/mx-inlines.cc:43,
                 from ../liboctave/array/MArray.h:30,
                 from ../liboctave/array/dNDArray.h:28,
                 from ../liboctave/array/dMatrix.h:28,
                 from ../liboctave/array/Range.h:30,
                 from ../libinterp/corefcn/jit-typeinfo.h:35,
                 from ../libinterp/corefcn/jit-typeinfo.cc:35:
../liboctave/util/lo-array-errwarn.h:164:1: error: ‘void
err_nan_to_logical_conversion()’ previously defined here
 err_nan_to_logical_conversion (void)
../libinterp/corefcn/jit-typeinfo.cc: In constructor
‘jit_typeinfo::jit_typeinfo(llvm::Module*, llvm::ExecutionEngine*)’:
../libinterp/corefcn/jit-typeinfo.cc:1508:32: error: ‘octave_jit_octave’
has not been declared
     = create_external (JIT_FN
(octave_jit_octave::err_nan_to_logical_conversion), 0);
../libinterp/corefcn/jit-typeinfo.cc:1040:29: note: in definition of macro
 #define JIT_FN(fn) engine, &fn, #fn

It would be good to have this bug re-opened or at list get a link where it is
explained how to workaround this issue. Thank you!


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