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concurrent modules for octave

From: Melvin Hadasht
Subject: concurrent modules for octave
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 07:22:57 +0100
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In the wake of the discussion about improving Octave's graphical capabilities,
I implemented several days before a small prototype to allow the creation of 
GUIs. Here is now a more mature, object oriented version, called Concurrent 
Modules for Octave (CMO).

This .oct file + library allows to launch a parallel thread to octave that will 
some specific module. This specific module will be able to send events
to octave and to receive commands and to send back results.

It is currently not biased toward GUI (although it handles events and 
callbacks), and a small test module (a timer triggered event sender) is 
currently used for testing. The main module (CMO) needs some debugging 
(especially relating to eval_string() from the input loop hook). 

Module implementators need only (quasi) to derive a module from an abstract 
class and implement 4 basic functions (see tmod_module). 
Communication from octave to the module is then implemented by a small set of 
.m files (cmo_send_cmd, cmo_set_cb).

After I finish testing and debugging the code, I will continue by implementing 
a GUI module (maybe after implementing an abstract object handler class).

More detailed information, doxygen API and source download are to be 
found here:


I hope this will be of some help. If this work may interest you, I'm willing to 
adapt it to other modules than GUI related ones.


Melvin Hadasht (aka Melqart)

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