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Re: potential problem with fftw changes

From: Paul Kienzle
Subject: Re: potential problem with fftw changes
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 21:25:32 -0500

On Feb 17, 2004, at 1:19 PM, John W. Eaton wrote:

On 17-Feb-2004, David Bateman <address@hidden> wrote:

| Given that we can't get the correct data alignment, we do need to check the
| alignment for the plans. So we need the cast to int or long? Is
|    char in_align = in & 0xF;
|    char out_align = out & 0xF;
| alright? Will it be correct for all platforms?

G++ won't compile that if in and out are pointers to double.  So I
changed it to

  char in_align = (reinterpret_cast<long> (in)) & 0xF;

which I think will work provided that pointers and long are the same

Are you sure you don't want ptrdiff_t from <cstddef> rather
than int or long?

Paul Kienzle

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